Monday, March 26, 2007

Love Kills Theory - 44

“We’re all bored and we’re going crazy, and we all want someone to shoot.” A bullet shoots out of a gun waking me from my “endless dream”. Guitars shout right in. The singer is not far behind. The background singers are visitors from the garage recordings we all love. Lyrically, well, let’s say the narrator represents some real things that have happened in this strange and crazy world. I’ve heard men on their way to Iraq talking like this, but also the kids at Columbine.

This song does not give answers. But, I love the questions and the energy. Regular readers already know my viewpoint – if more people would dance in their hearts we wouldn’t have to talk about the evil in this world. But since many people refuse to dance and love, the subjects will always come up. And, since I do need to think about these subjects from time to time to stay up with the inhumanity committed by humans, I’d much rather do it dancing along with Love Kills Theory than pulling my hair out in disgust of my fellow man. Shoutout to King Of Cream – “the earth just spins at breakneck speed”. Love Kills Theory