Friday, March 02, 2007

Gruff Rhys - Cycle Of Violence

What a beautiful song – music flowing into many flavors of pop, Mediterranean, rock, and little bits of feta cheese hanging from it’s beard of sha-la-las. “Dirty bombs and clean ones look the same if you look closely.” That really says it all. The American press uses these terms as if the clean bombs are morally superior. It’s hell living in a country where people are not allowed to think out loud. I really love the interlude: "Piece together/one another," which can also be heard as "Peace together/one another." But the music. Yes! Tasty! We can get away with the truth in music. Thank God. Musicians are here to entertain, and be ignored. The good news is that those who have ears will hear. Truth is always true. And the best truth of all here is that I can dance to this record. Shoutout goes to Painting People Blue. Gruff Rhys