Saturday, March 24, 2007

High Llamas - The Old Spring Town

“How many times have you been to Mexico?” Spring started 3 days ago and it’s showing all over my yard. The fig trees have what looks like 1000 little buds, and the peach, pear and plum trees are jam packed with 10000 little blooms. Bees and butterflies everywhere & the hummingbirds have returned. Saw a few bats fluttering under the bridge this morning. Watching the cardinals chase each other around the fig trees as they collect twigs off the ground near the mesquite trees is pure bliss. So all is well, and this song has power in that it feels like today as I listen with my ears dripping in the honey the High Llamas are pouring into my cup of raspberry leaved tea. “The frost is on the ground and the fairies far away!” High Llamas