Monday, February 24, 2014

Benmont Tench - Veronica Said b/w Today I Took Your Picture Down

"We've got nothing but plenty of time on our hands, and so many ways we can waste it." Maybe. My time did not feel wasted listening to this gem. The lyrics fit well with the music & the music is what's important to this artist. If you know his name by heart, then you've already broken in this album. If his name is new to you, know that this is his first album with many very nice moments for the ears to savor. One can only hope this is the first course, and Benmont will continue to give us more platters to chew on in the years to come. Today I Took Your Picture Down is the first cut on the CD, and wrenches the soul with the poem "a keepsake keeps a love alive, but shrines are for the dead." Shoutouts for Hannah ("for such a little girl, you have big ideas") & Blonde Girl, Blue Dress ("thunder on a sunny day"). Benmont Tench - You Should Be So Lucky