Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ruarri Joseph - Cuddles Are The Best Thing

“She’s a good girl, right across the border. Makes me want to hold her, feel her heart a tick-tick tock.” Ruarri has sucked me into this story, both lyrically and musically. Voice and guitar start off this blueberry covered cheesecake with strength and glee. “In the moonlight racing for some comfort, pins are in my left foot, needles in the right – don’t stop. Hold your hands up if you’ve got a thing for girls who like to dance to music that is soft and slow.” You know my hands are up as I move slowly in circles kicking my legs in the air. The story is a lot of fun, “took her out to the pictures just to watch her” - I won’t spoil the entire movie for you, just let you know that this is one fun album with many different scenarios and musics. When the dance band enters this song we enter another movie screen altogether – two movies in one song - “I dreamt of this moment forever and a day.” Shoutout for the title tune - Tales Of Grime And Grit. Ruarri Joseph