Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Among Wolves - Hard To Die

“I’m fast asleep in the colour of your eyes.” Don’t fret the words, this lovely lively hump day tune have my feet smiling happily even as I gulp down a plate of chips and a nice iced cold long necked Lone Star. It’s easy to hear the tambourine man swinging that tiny instrument back and forth around my legs as I head up one side of the floor and down the other. The musicians could be from next door, or from 2000 miles away in California, or 2000 miles in the other direction in Massachussetts. Universal American dance music. The shout-out tune, When We’re Dead” slows down the dance and features more flavors as we hear “the tree are on fire” and visit small town America and hear the “church bells ringing from the steeple in your town.” Among Wolves