Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dermot O’Leary Show – The Saturday Sessions

I seldom eartaste a whole album, but this one is worth the exception because it contains appetizers, extra appetizers, a 5 course dinner and several desserts. Being from the US, I have no idea who Dermot O’Leary is, but there’s enough here to understand that he’s a TV host who has current artists perform live on his show. These recordings are fascinating, informative, and exhibit the strengths of artists that are going to be with us for many years to come. Few have become mainstream in the US, but they will. For the most part these recordings are acoustic, so the performances are similar to the unplugged series on mtv. Perhaps the most revolutionary performance is hearing Grace Kelly by Mika stripped down to its essence and still maintaining the entertaining power it had as a radio single. For me the most interesting are the cover tunes selected by some of the artists. Breathe by the Shins, Super Trouper by Camera Obscura, Careless Whisper by Willy Mason, and Walk Like and Egyptian by The Feeling all shine as interesting and instructive listening. Two cover performances that draw blood are To Know Him Is To Love Him by Amy Winehouse and I Want You Back by KT Turnstall. Most of these artists have been a part of eartaste this year; Mumm-Ra, Jamie T, Beack, and others – and it is great fun to hear them in a completely different setting. My favorite of this group is Josh Pyke singing Middle Of The Hill. This is a collection you’ll be glad to receive and give as gifts – it will spend quite a bit of time on your – whataya call these things? – I guess players is a good a word as any. Maybe they’re still called turntables? Anyway, I shoutout the whole album. Hmm, is album a proper term anymore? Anyway, let’s hope it becomes available in the US. If not, it’s worth the import cost, and is 2 CDs of entertainment par excellence. The Saturday Sessions