Monday, August 13, 2007

Jeff Coffey - Long Way Home

80s retro music with good old fashioned lyrics makes this a fun wake up to the week and get ready to drive to work song. “There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road.” As long as I can make the fantasy last, anyway, because after reaching the next town I’ll have to park and do my think for 8 or 9 hours then hit the road back home again. “Don’t need no rhyme or reason, just a place to go.” But as I’m driving, yes, there’s freedom, and Jeff can sing joyfully about it for me. The chorus reminds me of what I feel like every day, dragging myself out of my office. “It’s a long way home, got a thousand miles to go.” At least it feels that way - LOL!!! “Just staring out my window watching the world go by.” But Jeff reminds me “it’s not how far you go, but it’s the journey there.” Fun 80’s guitar solo. Thanks! Jeff Coffey