Friday, August 10, 2007

Pocket Gods - 9th Configuration

The fuzz guitar and the tambourine keep this dance motivating up over the floor. All the aural delicacies taste psychedelically marvelous. For example, on first listen I think one of the singers is singing a flat note. As I listen over and over I realize – yes, but it’s on purpose. Every note is correct except that one. The harmony singer doesn’t even try to follow him there. “Me and you my love, we’re just awesome fire.” Or maybe he’s saying “we’re just hearts on fire.” Or maybe something else altogether, but it doesn’t matter to me ‘cause I’m dancing with the others up here in the etherical regions of this particular configuration. Very nice. Shoutout for the different rescue us flavors of velvet in Night Lights (“It will take more than a black hole, it’ll take more than the speed of light to fix us now.”) Pocket Gods