Tuesday, September 01, 2009

John Lefebvre – Our Town

A very cool song about how the media warps our view of reality. The school I work at allows us to visualize that warp. Remember how we used to walk about ¼ mile to our neighborhood school? No longer true. Parents will drive as little as a block to drop off and pick up their kids from school for fear of the child stealer. No children have ever been stolen in our small community, but the fear is ever-present. Want more? Well, try walking around a neighborhood between 4 & 6 in the evening. Or try a Saturday morning or afternoon. Kids used to play outside for hours. No longer. Same fear – learned from the TV. The video for this song portrays it with great parodic skill. Shoutouts for Independence Day, Mr. Bully Boy, and Love Comes Around.

John has decided to give away his music. When you get to his site by clicking on his name below,,push on the round white button on the jukebox twice - once to grow the jukebox, and once to open the download screen.

John Lefebvre