Saturday, May 03, 2014

Santana - Corazón

Carlos gave us a masterpiece with Shape Shifter (2012). Shape Shifter belongs in every home music library. The problem with masterpieces is they do not make money for the artists during their lifetime. So, we need the occasional foray into great journeyman level work by a master in the area of pop music.

The entire CD of Corazón (2014) is a fun way to spend an hour hearing a master field his way through every style of pop music thrown his way. There's no doubting his commitment to making everyone sound their absolute best.

Personally, I hope he makes enough cash from this sweet dessert to reward us with another full dinner masterpiece like Shape Shifter next time around. The eartaste pleasures from this CD:

Iron Lion Zion

Feel It Coming Back w/Diego Torres

I See Your Face

Besos de Lejos w/Gloria Estefan