Sunday, January 18, 2015

Belle and Sebastian - Born to Act b/w Two Birds, Piggy in the Middle, & A Politician’s Silence

Many in the "biz" talk about how folks have stopped buying music. This wonderful set of songs was apparently recorded the same time as the fantastic CD "Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance". Rather than add it to the first edition of the CD, I'm guessing they're holding it for the "deluxe" version to be released a few weeks later. This action by record companies makes folks upset, confused, and generally disgusted with the way the biz wants to eat their money. True fans, of course, will buy everything - but even then begrudgingly. Oh well, the merchandisers keep doing it, so I'm guessing they must be making money off the angry fans despite the resentment. Here's the good news - the CD is a fine collection on it's own, and well worth your support because you'll be playing the CD all year. These extra songs that aren't on the new CD are great fun to both listen to and dance to. Is it worth paying all over again and then some? No advice from here. I'm very happy I have them. I'd hope that Belle & Sebastian release an EP for fans who are not collectors but like to dance. We'll see. Keep your ears open! No videos for the new fun.

"I want to find some respite from ignorance and lies!"

Born to Act, TwoBirds, Piggy in the Middle, & A Politician’s Silence

Go ahead and scream. I know this has nothing to do with Belle & Sebatian; but my gut tells me they saw this when it first came out and it's in their psyche somewhere. Enjoy! Or not. I just can't help myself.