Saturday, September 14, 2013

Emily Barker - Sleeping Horses b/w A Spadeful of Ground

Sleeping Horses teaches us of the inner life of the writer: "These stars are forever in my heart. A million stars, a million in my heart". Poetry emblazoned with music - the best combination for a full eartaste of forever. A Spadeful of Ground is an amazing folk trip through 2013. The instrumentation is thouroughly folk, yet has only the slightest spices we could label as traditional. Exquisite. "For a pocket of dirt you will lie, you will hurt. For a piece of this land you’ll have blood on your hands." Special shoutout to the poem/song Letters: "We fled towns on fire with stomachs empty. Crossed borderlines, swam the rivers dry."Emily Barker - Dear River


A Spadeful of Ground

Ghost Narrative