Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thomas Dybdahl - This Love Is Here To Stay b/w Man On A Wire

Soul style falsetto spiced with memories of Curtis Mayfield and Al Green, with a hint of Smokey Robinson thrown in for good measure. Throw on a dance track, repeat "this love is here to stay" and the meal is complete. Easy Tiger has deeper poetic symbols: "Some days get dated by a bitter taste. It ain't easy if it's faced." The mirror of the soul is not always pretty. Soulsister has the narrator "sometimes" dreaming in wonder - an almost optimistic acceptance, with a small amount of "sugar on your mind". Man On A Wire is the most heavily produced cut - "I keep hearing whispers in the distance" above the tasty din of drums and synthesizers. Shout outs for scenes in City Lights, and the intense stillness of But We Did as the poet digs deeper and deeper. Thomas Dybdahl - What's Left Is Forever

Man On A Wire

But We Did