Monday, March 24, 2014

Steve Martin - Atheists Don't Have No Songs

An oldie, but goodie from 2011, revived in 2014 for a PBS special =:-)

Christians have their hymns and pages.
Hava Nagila's for the Jews.
Baptists have the rock of ages.
Atheists just sing the blues...

Some folks sing a Bach cantata.
Lutherans get Christmas trees.
Atheist songs add up to nada.
But they do have Sundays free.

Pentecostals sing to heaven,
Gothics had the books of scrolls,
Numerologists count to seven,
Atheists have rock and roll...

Catholics dress up for Mass
And listen to Gregorian chants.
Atheists just take a pass.
Watch football in their underpants.

Steve Martin - Atheists Don't Have No Songs

Shoutouts for Edie Brickell's performances on Fighter & Sun's Gonna Shine