Saturday, October 18, 2014

John Oszajca - Music Marketing Manifesto

You know, as huge as the music business is, it is always gratifying to find folks in the field that bend over backwards to be sure we all stay engaged. Earlier this week I received an email from John with a link to his most recent posting. Since he mentioned he was interviewing an artist I love, I of course clicked. Once there I found the interview was available on iTunes. I almost skipped the whole thing because I despise plugging my devices into my computer. It's a step that is no longer necessary and wastes time.

I decided what the heck, I'll post a quick reply to the list & ask he place the podcast feed on Stitcher so I could listen without having to go through he iTunes hassle. Amazingly the response was close to immediate and Stitcher took awhile to sync everything, but I got to hear the interview this morning.

So, why tell you? Well, I know most of the folks that leaf through this blog are also musicians looking for a place to get some publicity. If you ever find yourself in need for marketing expertise, I know for a fact that John went the extra mile in order for one of his many readers to be able to have access in the way I wanted. That is dedication to the highest degree - caring about one in the midst of many.

John's website is Music Marketing Manifesto/. The specific article that started this diatribe is Here’s How You Release The Number #1 Blues Album In America.