Sunday, December 21, 2008

Joan Osborne - Hallelujah In The City

A Christmas meditation for reconciliation. “I have been unfaithful, I have been untrue. Now I’ve found the road that has brought me back to you. Hallelujah!” The arrangement is masterful, acoustic strumming to voice for a few moments, with a build up of a full heavenly choir of electric instruments. The star of this show, tho, is the clear honest voice of the narrator facing her loneliness when she had neglected her relationship with her creator. My quip about Christmas is simply because of the season I write this in. This song will sound good and affect the soul for good all year every year. Shoutouts for The One I Love (“In a gypsy cab on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise we are going home, and the lust is flirting in your eyes”), and Daddy-O (“can I dream that parachute dream again”). Joan Osborne