Wednesday, December 10, 2008

School Of Seven Bells - Face To Face On High Places

“Two winters gone in a blur of sleepless nights
Day in, day out, I worked through the same old plight
By then I'd stopped looking for my way out
Somehow I thought I wasn't worth the fight

It's safe to say, saving you, saved me

All those times I'd hung my head to keep the peace
I had buried all my strength and will down deep
When you came I woke from many sleeps
One day I'll tell you what you did for me

It's safe to say, saving you, saved me”

Shoutout for Chains:

"My sleep burrows me a chain of monochromatic rooms
that jangles in the day and recalls a samey drone
Day has drawn out from the night
what's been lacking in its wage
reviving eyes that choked the light
with no extraction for the page

I can not seem to remember my dreams lately

If the moon defines the night and illuminates without direction
could the obscured that steered my life illuminate its intervention?

I fought so long for an explanation planting
the seeds that took root in my mind explaining
into dust what was a lucid situation"

School Of Seven Bells