Monday, November 12, 2007

Alex Arrowsmith – Nuke (from Missing Briefcase)

“I feel good every time you test a weapon.” Yep, good old fashioned patriotism. Kill ‘em even before they think about killing you – just in case. “I’m so glad that I grew a third eye.” Gotta make sure you can see the truth, right? Nuke ‘em. What good is the world anyway? “If you wanna claim Palestine, you’re gonna need an expert web design.” Lots of people making bucks off this, so why not some poor old web designer? Nuke ‘em. Nuke ‘em good. Does Alex have his tongue deep in his cheek? Dunno. Not sure I do either. Some days I think a strategically placed nuke atop the white house would do this entire globe some good. Course I could probably be tossed in jail for saying such a thing in public. Oh well, maybe my tongue is deep in my cheek. Let’s hope so anyway.

Back to reality – Alex Arrowsmith has rocked my world and helped me view the globe from many perspectives, and I am very happy that his music has become an integral part of my listening pleasure. I won’t repeat all the cool characters he’s written about that have enriched my life. Click here for tastes of that.

I will say that this new album rates up there with the rest of his classic output. He is into indie rock for the long term, and that is indeed a pleasure to know. This new album is called Missing Briefcase, which sounds like the scenario of what it’ll be like when the President loses his. Or simply the one that got lost when the rabbit was running into the hole too fast and forgot which hole he left it at. Life happens. Click here to see his other thrilling albums.

Some of the shoutouts on Missing Briefcase are Eternal Return (“Messing with time and space is as easy as it sounds because I’ve been in love with you before”) and The Zaps (“My mind is out of phase, it stays in a daze”). I’ll write more about the rest of the fun tunes on this album in January, 2008 or before I can’t help myself (like tonight). “My mind is incomplete.” In the meantime, stayed tuned at Alex’s World.

PS: Do not listen to High Speed Chase while driving. I got my purple 3 cylinder Geo Metro all the way up to 76 MPH without thinking while listening to this tune. Just imagine if I had 4, 5 or 6 cylinders!

PPS: If it's not obvious about my tiny comments about talking about the rest of this album at a later date: what that means is that this entire album is worth your ears taking the time to taste over and over. Some very cool stereo effects, as well as tasty guitars when needed, and "Elvis Presley coming back for more." Goodnight. All is well.