Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last American Buffalo - She's Alright

“Stoned in paisley, summer stolen February, Portugese suntanner lips and sympathy. . .” Psychedelic lyrics and psychedelic music recalling the flavors of the summer of love with honest retro instrumentation and fuzz vocals. “Catchy catchy catholic cigarillo, shaken hands to stunt the afterglow.” Got it? Neither do I, but the fuzz guitar solo and wonderful organ playing take me back forty years with much pleasure. Last American Buffalo is not all retro, tho. They shine at some 2007 country with Pistol, and the end-of-a-2007-credits-music-for-an-unknown-film-where-the-credits-music-is-better-than-the-2-hours-that-preceded-it-song called Sunshine. “In the bright-lit expanse of you, the space in this room is too small.” Last American Buffalo