Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Shake – Outcast

Recalling the era of 1966 when many US bands were imitating the British bands who were imitating the R&B stars of the 50’s, this fun music starts the party with excitement and the irresistible “yeah”. Tough-guy stance, with a snarl that is indecipherable but fun to listen to. The story seems to be making fun of a guy whose girl the narrator is going to steal. “You can’t sleep without your lights, and you know it’s not alright.” And this cute remark: “all the pictures that I’ve seen of you look out of place”, along with “at a party the the one who doesn’t get the gag.” Yep, people are mean to each other, but it’s fun. In real life, I probably woulda been the butt of this song, but that’s okay, it’s great fun, but better yet – the music is real & exciting. Shoutouts to the equally retro songs Devil’s Side & Manic Boogie. Definite party enhancers. The Shakes