Saturday, November 10, 2007

We Start Fires - Wicked Spell

“Your face in a mirror, you haven’t changed. I thought I knew you, now it goes to show they could have saved you if you’d just gone home.” So starts this tale, with the narrator asking many hard questions of herself. Most of the album rocks derivatively, so this cut sticks out – a thoughtful meditation with music that keeps the narration moving in a rock steady manner. “Nothing ever turns out…” brings out some personal thoughts, but then I’m hit with the whammy – “time moves faster when you’re broken.” Something for me to meditate on because I’ve often felt the opposite. Do we each experience time in a different way? Has anyone investigated this possibility. What does it mean? Nice tune, great words, fine single with honestly tough production values. I love the way the opening flavors come back to enhance the ending. We Start Fires