Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ross Shifflett – Filthy

“This nightmare waits in shadows” the narrator exclaims, and then says “I’m filthy, you’re right there with me.” The past is chasing the narrator, who is singing of the nails in his hands. “I’m guilty, yes I’m guilty, and you’re guilty right there with me.” Whether he’s digging into the depths of spirituality or simply philosophizing about the hopelessness he’s feeling at the moment, this narrator is carrying me along in the story while a guitar lovingly solos a very tasty riff that keeps my ears dancing in deep wonder at the beauty of this moment. The shoutout tune shares a character name with Tom Jones, Oh Delilah. Quite different than the Plain White T’s, this Delilah suffers the same fate as Mr Jone’s famous MymymyDelilah, but with a much different acoustic attack at her fate. Delilah and her cohort are met by the narrator who is willing to sing to her a “last lullaby” and then bury her “beneath the maple tree where nobody’ll know” except the people smart enough to dig deep and discover this CD by Ross Shifflett.