Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pama International – Happenstance b/w Dub A Dance

Starting a new month on a hump day is great fun, especially when a funky dance band takes the stage with a beat that encourages sweating out a hard day’s work. The story is the story of any government – they look at the young as martyrs in a cause to make a few rich people even richer. “Don’t matter who you are, or where you land. No discrimination in their plans. Size you up, ship you out. Move along! Bullet to catch.” Is it coincidence that you can twitter this opening line? Ask a rabbi. In the mean-time, dance. I’ve learned it’s necessary because if we focus on what our governments do to young people we will forever be crying, no matter who is in charge. “For us to change, war must end.” Pama International

Pama International on Eartaste