Sunday, July 19, 2009

Putumayo Presents - Brazilian Café

Lazy Sundays are easy to achieve when the weather stays above 100 degrees for an entire week. The music Putumayo serves up this time out is perfect for a Lazy Sunday, with voices floating over the clouds and instruments swimming through the humidity with pure blissful peace. Many thanks for sharing the talents of Katia B, Ceumar, y Teresa Cristina and Grupo Semente with the neighborhood today. The slower dancing possible with this CD makes for a cooler atmosphere than is possible by just sitting around complaining about the weather. I can feel the waves splashing around as I move through the shade offered by the hackberry trees. Experience pleasure – when you purchase this CD you wil be helping a children’s group in Brazil, as well as receiving a recipe for a 4-layer pleasurable dessert known as coffee pave and finally a recipe for cafezinho. The Brazilian Café is proud to serve up many different flavors for your ears, your soul, and your tongue. Brazilian Café

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