Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Peekers - Sweet Singin' Birds

“I wanna be there when you wake. I wanna help you start your day. Will you breath or suffocate?” LOL! A dramatic way to say, hey, make a decision! “I’m a stranger inside of you. Someday, be a friend of mine too.” Bordering on humor, I choose to accept the narrator here enjoys her life and is looking to share it. She does a wonderful job communicating her joy of living. The band is having a great time being the canvas that the story is splattered upon. Shoutouts for the light hearted Gather It All (“who wants to stumble over love?”), the heavy depths of Meet You In Produce (“take your medicine, sing your songs to me”), the psychedelic dreamlike nature of Concrete Feet (“I’ve lost my life a dozen times”), and the psychobilly rock of Instructions (“I know what you’re thinking”). The Peekers