Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Linda Geleris - If I Only Had a Minute

“Who will run the universe and keep it all in order if I push myself away now from this list of things to do?” I love the humanity of the lyrics and the voice that is performing the humanity. How many people will find excuses not to touch the reality of the life around them because of the “list”? Ha! No sense in lying. You’re the one reading this, and I’m just as guilty as you are. It is so easy to let our relationships slide into the background as we complete these lists which seem so important today. The performance is gentle with us, not preaching, not chiding, simply stating truths we really don’t want to face. With a touch of humor, too. “The dial on the wash machine says ‘normal’ and it makes me laugh. I have to clean my conscience but clean clothes will have to do.” The story continues, real life happens, and it magnifies, with candor, that the demands we place on ourselves are truly trivial in the grand scheme of things. A song to share with loved ones, that’s for sure. Linda Geleris