Monday, October 06, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

Sure, you can tell that the title sounds like it was written expressly for my Monday wake-up blog. Maybe it was, but I doubt it. Fun song, tho, and I woulda chose it even if they called it something else. Like “Wake me up with a fun song with a beat this week!” Okay, that’s a bit if a stretch, I know. Fast beat that pulls me up to my feet, even though it’s kinda speaking a little bit against my trade. “(Q)What did you learn today? (A)I learned nuthin’!” What teacher wants to hear their student say, “It’s cool to know nuthin!” No sweat, all great teachers know that feeling. Truth be known, we were all students at one point . Fun song, with two vocalists flirting back and forth, one asking questions, the other responding with wise-cracks. And as hilarious as all this is, it’s nothing compare to the great 8 bar guitar bridge that pulls my heart through the stars and back in with some interesting fretting spurring my imagination. Simple things, like “that was cool, how’d he do that?” Shoutout for Good Days Bad Days. Kaiser Chiefs