Sunday, October 26, 2008


10 days ago my dad died. It was not unexpected, but came quick because we were not allowed to visit him the last year of his life. I tried and am still trying my best not to be angry and/or bitter about that. The thing that kept us close through all the years was music, so I am sure I will continue this blog. But I am meditating on my activities and analyzing what I am needing to do to spend more time with those I love. It may include a major move in the next few years. Depends on whether or not the housing market comes back down to the arena in which a normal human being with a regular job can afford a house or not. Many things to consider and mediate on. I know I have a few late review that I promised last week, but I'm sure you folks will understand. Music is important to me. My parents instilled the belief of music as a path toward enlightenment and understanding of life. Most of the time.

My funniest memory is in 1962, we were living in Germany. My dad came back from Hamburg and told me about some "screaming mee-mees" he called the Beatles. He musta been in his late 20's at the time. A few years later when I was playing some records, he loved them and asked who they were. He was very surprised they were the Beatles. He loved jazz & pop & music from other countries - especially Germany & Spain. My mom loved country & western & folk. We had many types of music playing in the house, and when we moved to a new place my dad immersed us in their music because he knew, innately, that music is the key to culture.

We lived in many places. The last place any of us ever expected to end up was Texas. But here we are. My mom and dad are buried together here in Texas. Life takes some strange turns, but continues to move forward. I'll return soon with tales of new music I am enjoying. Christmas albums are pouring in & I'll try to write about some of 'em soon so you can have your house filled with new music all season.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a soul still sorting his mind out.