Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hoots and Hellmouth - Root of the Industry

”What makes a man labor for labor’s sake when he ain’t even in on the take.” LOL!!! Great question. Don’t worry, there’s no answers here – just a hell-raising song about a lots of things that are more fun to listen to than think about. I really really love the way the chorus of singers hold out the word ‘foundation’! Gives the word a new, exciting appeal. There’s a bit of revolution in the air here – the whole group singing – that’s a lotta fun, and then there’s some more words that invite dancing in the streets: “Gather up your axes, forget about paying your taxes.” Shoutout for the total American acoustic rock and roll of What Good are Plowshares If We Use Them Like Swords. Takes Isaiah’s words and throws them out there into the modern world with a twist of reality. If there ever came a time when our swords would become plowshares, people would still hit each other over the head with them. That’s humanity for ya. Fun music for fun times! Hoots and Hellmouth

Different day. . .