Monday, June 08, 2009

The Thromboes – Overture To The Sun

The Thromboes play a fast and loud instrumental ode to the sun for the first Monday of summer vacation! The recording sounds perfectly live in a garage with a souped up car or two nearby. The garage door is of course wide open – you can almost hear the police car pulling up as the neighbors call about all the noise these men are managing to produce in the hood.

Larry is known here in Eartasteland as one of the writers and performers on the wonderful Histrioniks CDs. I’m hoping for more Histrioniks in the future, but I’m plenty happy with this in the meantime. A few cuts even feature cameo appearances from his Histrionik co-hort. The shout-out this week is the super-hilarious I'm On The Underground. Anyone who has been in a band in the past 42 years will be laughing along. And anyone who knows people who has been in a band will be laughing along. “I was lost and now I’m found on Little Steven’s Underground.” Again, it’s the sound bouncing off the garage walls that give this tune its wonderful ambience.

Visit The Thromboes on Myspace. Then click here to buy the CD: The Thromboes - She's Like A British Car (CDBaby).

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