Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lonely H - Cold Blues

“H-h-e-e-e-y, hey! I never treat my body well. Spend my nights in heaven, spend my days in hell.” Take one part good doobie boogie bar band add an equal part of a frontman willing to shout out his love of living a life filled with music - shake, pour into a huge beer mug – and kick back for a great time. But don’t expect to stay kicked back long, the drummer works in tandem with the bass player to drag my feet up to move the many ways my body is capable of when it’s in full joy, especially when the back-up singers smile their harmonies above the wonderful guitar symphony. Shoutouts for another r&r dance track, Other Side Of The Water (“I’ll be gone today, I’ll be back tonight”), and the slower acoustic flavors of The River (“it’s gonna feel good as we wash our sins away and we fall back down again”). Thanks Alex, for the introduction!The Lonely H