Monday, June 22, 2009

The Thromboes - Back To The (Concrete Pond)

“I can’t hold my breath much longer! Only wish that I was stronger!” This is great! My desk is clean and I can pick anything I want to blast my Monday awake before the mail arrives with tons of new stuff. So, I choose the loudest and proudest new band of 2009 to bring my week to a blazing start! It was sorta “hard to choose” the one tune to get my week started, but since it’s been 105 degrees every day this week, I’m shouting out the coolest area I can think of. “I’m going back to the concrete pond”. I’ll even hang out with the Thromboes as they engage in the world’s favorite pastime – girl watching. The Thromboes even brought a few of those girls back to the garage to sing background on the song! Yes! Summer! “There was a fine redhead – she wore some skinny threads!” My favorite part is the rap the background singers get into.

Shoutout for Junk. A great song to play while cleaning out the garage to make more room for amplifiers and speakers. And the drummer wants a bit more space for that new cymbal he’s adding to his kit. Of, “the hoops you have me jump through.” But the garage is cleaner, so let’s get back to practicing and recording! Buy The Thromboes

The Thromboes On Eartaste