Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ross Shifflett - 20 Pound Hammer

“The hammer slowly takes my life.” A tale of how the rich get richer while the people who create the wealth suffer. Imagine just one of those bailed out bankers picking up a seven pound hammer, much less a twenty pound hammer. And is anyone ever going to bail out the guys who actually lift the hammer? Sounds to me like we’re being prompted by the new administration to understand and accept hammer-holders will stay unemployed for several years to come while the thieves in suits who never break a sweat get bailed out. When funds are loosed to build things, it’s not the guys building the highways who will profit.

How does that affect the music? Ross has done something really special with this tune and created a folk-flavored tone poem. Really hot guitar-picking. You can actually hear the sweat on the song, especially toward the end. The man who got rich off the labor of the hammer bearer will not appear at the funeral of the man who made him rich. Shoutout for The Charmer. Ross and the band have taken the words and created another tone poem, pulling in folk music from the middle east to flavor the ‘charms’. Very cool. Keep an eye out for the soon to be released CD - Chasing Bullets. Ross Shifflett aka Shiffy The Kid

Ross on Eartaste