Friday, June 12, 2009

Lone Star Pickerz - Only In It For The Music

The picture's a year old, but I ain't getting any younger. Trying to teach high schoolers Biology during summer school is a gas. They can't figure out how to remember all these new terms, etc, so I explain to them pretend it's an album. How many of you know every song on the new Enimem album? They don't only already know the titles, but they know all the lyrics already. So, I explain, study it the way you do lyrics, rap it. Let's face it, the terminology sounds like it came right out of the rock & roll canon. Kreb's Cycle had a hit with Matrix of the Mitochondrion b/w Oxidative Phosphorylation. Golgi Apparatus had a big seller with Synthesis of Proteoglycans b/w Extracellular Matrix. Then I start thinking - what a brainstorm, this could be the next big thing - Science Rocks! Then I realize the heat today, well into 103 degrees, mixed with the humidity is begging me to go out for a beer at the local beer garden.

These guys don't have a CD out, but they sure are fun to watch, dance, and drink to. There's a few videos at their site to watch, along with 31 streaming songs to smile away an afternoon. It helps me to clear my brain so Monday I won't forget that Condensation Reaction does not mean running from the rain or getting out the umbrella. Just another forgotten rock and roll group with it's long forgotten oldie but goodie Diester Molecule b/w Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution. Don't worry kidz, after you graduate you can join the rest of us at the beer garden one Friday night a month to listen to Lone Star Pickerz.