Friday, August 29, 2008

Alice Cooper - I Know Where You Live

Guitar rock party returns! “I know the hours you sleep, don't approve of the company that you keep. While you're in work I'm alone in your room, on your bed and you'll never know. I like to go through your things, the touch, the smell, the joy it brings.” Creepy lyrics, but I decided this was about a spider so it started to make sense, and I accepted the fantasy of a spider writing a song. Anything else I say will give this album away, but let me say up front this is a rock opera, so you kinda need to listen to the entire album to appreciate its full value. Which is okay, because it’s all party music with a Friday night TV mystery storyline. Dance your legs off! Shoutouts for In Touch With Your Feminine Side ("it's your world, but it's my street"), Wrapped In Silk ("did you see the holy light?"), I’m Hungry ("I've got a night full of promise, a city full of prey"), The One That Got Away ("all the voices in my head always seem insane"), and an intensely interesting Salvation ("I did what voices told me to"). There are questions raised in that song that are seldom raised, but should be part of our daily discussions. Alice Cooper