Sunday, August 31, 2008

Irma Thomas - River is Waiting

This song impressed when John Fogerty included it on Revival, and it double impresses here with an arrangement that matches the intensity of Irma’s blessed voice. "The river is waiting, come rise up. A new day is coming, come rise up. We'll be sailing at first light, come gather, set our course for the crossing together." We remember stories of Irma’s home being destroyed in the floods of Katrina, so it is very eerie to be enjoying this joyous recording as Gustav threatens the city and people are being evacuated. I’m praying the joy in this song will not be diminished by the events of the next few days. "Gonna leave all my sorrows behind me, lift my face to a new day, I'm rising." Shoutouts for Too Much Thinking (“too much thinking on my mind to worry about the little things”), and the intriguing piano arrangement of the currently foreboding I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today. Irma Thomas