Thursday, June 12, 2008

Frisbee - Gettin' It Down

“Maybe you can save me from the sinkholes in my soul.” Got no idea what a sinkhole in a soul is, but it sounds like something we should save the narrator from. This is the opening cut of the album, and has a wonderful pop sound, one that’s a pleasure to listen to with these ears always hungry for good tastes. The song opens with a swoosh which leads to a slow ballad about a guy whose getting set to “bleed the ink on the page.” In order to do this he’s sorting through his memories, and predictable an old lover comes to mind. The narrator, however, has no intention of remaining predictable and continues with his story. “The devil in the dark has something more to say. I might let him out but he never goes away.” Introspective and interesting. Shoutout for the soulful I Want U Back, which has a very tasty guitar solo backing the narrator in his needs. The organ playing is sweet heaven. Frisbee

PS After reading the above, Frisbee sent a note explaining what a sinkhole in a soul is. I appreciate it, and thought I should share it with everyone:

Man - thank you for actually "listening". Very cool - I apprecite your review.

And by the way, a sinkhole is a Kentucky geographical description of land that gives way because of no substantial support (usually above cave) and the soul, well... its our essence.

thanks for the kind words

Aaron Frisbee