Monday, January 19, 2009

The Boots - Dear Emely

While I-Tunes and the major labels conspire to raise the price of music downloads there is a quiet revolution going on. Bands who are interested in the art of music as opposed to the profit of music are simply moving on and helping consumers, not conspiring to find ways to get into your non-existent pocketbook.

This CD is being released, and available for download for anyone at the netlabel known as AirBagPromo. Their “revolution” is that they plan to focus all their efforts on promoting local bands from their own geographical area. Thanks to the WWW, anyone in the world can now learn about the vitality of the music scene of South Tyrol. It would be great if this model were emulated by other forward-thing music labels. AirBagPromo includes mini-tutorials on their site for how to make a CD from their files, how to make the CD inserts, and even how to unzip files if you’ve never done that before.

The music on this first release is loud and energy-inspiring. Dear Emely starts off with a primal scream and the instruments immediately find their way to my feet for 2 minutes of heat-pounding aerobic exercise. The shoutout Tune Why Doesn't It Make You Nervous is simply fascinating because the percussionists and guitar players do wonders to emulate the feelings evoked by the vocalist. Excellent! The Boots