Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cash Cash - Electric Hearts

“Throw your hands to the sky like you’re flying, throw your hands in the air ‘cause we’ll shake it up tonight.” Pop, pure pop. Nothing more, nothing less. Dance music for the ages, produced for the ears of every age group to enjoy. I’m impressed that they were willing to fizzle out at the end. Very unusual, and has the physical reaction of “HEY, DJ, PUT THAT SONG BACK ON!” Probably planned that way, but who cares? It's hump day, and the gimmick works. And, just for the heck of it – “Throw your hands to the sky!” You’ll be glad you did. “When you lose control. When your beating heart explodes, you’re gonna scream along to every song we sing to you!” And, why not? Great fun. Cash Cash