Friday, January 02, 2009

Willie Breeding - White Dress

“She, to me, was the skyline of Manhattan.” I love all types of music, but I’m especially drawn to folks who make music like they are sitting right here in my living room sharing a beer. “With a lost, lonely sigh, her thoughts are gone from her eyes.” No fancy tricks, just a few friends playing instruments and sharing their lives. This album reaches that high. “Along white dress, and hair that curls past her shoulders. Soft skin that I wish to touch, oh I miss that so much.” I can almost feel Townes sitting across the room on the couch because Willie has a voice and presentation that is honest, and tells stories that sound like they are directly told from his heart. “She’s the heartache that I endure, but all I hear is her voice. And every moment’s too long.” Exactly the type of guy you feel good going out to get a spare six-pack to share with. He can tell a story that fills your mind with pictures of dreams that just won’t let go. After the stories are over you go out for another six-pack to welcome him back to country life where we all spend our nights fading away from the bright lights. Shoutouts for Summer 5 (“wish I knew how to love you, wish I knew what you need”), and Broken Kinda Way (“one mistake just led to more”). Willie Breeding