Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sarah Jane Morris - Migratory Birds

“The world has to hear the beauty in your sound. So many things in life are lost then found.” Every few years Sarah treats us to her beautiful vocal cords, and this time out it is extra wondrous because she is accompanied merely by acoustic instruments. This allows the timbers in her voice to crawl through every neuron in my body without distractions.

Sarah is a marvelous songwriter, and she wrote this tune about allowing one you love to leave and explore the world, with permission to come back at anytime. “Wherever you go to I know you have your reason. Return to me in glory or pitch up broke and poor, but come back wise and baby come back sure.”

On each of her albums there are also renditions of songs she has chosen to make her own. Old timers like myself will remember her tasty scat cover of Me And Mrs Jones and the transformations she inlaid to Sgt Pepper’s She’s Leaving Home, as well as Mad Woman Blues and other classic memories. On this new album she reinterprets Britney Spears, Damien Rice, Rickie Lee Jones, as well as Dylan and Lou Reed alongside Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. And more. All of them are great, but I need to pick one, so I’m choosing Britney’s Toxic because it exemplifies how Sarah makes music by other writers totally and completely her own. A special shoutout for all the musicians who worked with her on this album. The guitar on Migratory Birds is played by Kevin Armstrong , and Toxic is played by Marc Ribot. Definitely a must-have album. Sarah Jane Morris

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