Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jane Monheit - I'm Glad There Is You

This new release is a vision of cool jazz that manages to warm this freezing January afternoon in the hills of Texas. I can envision a glass of wine and a fireplace glowing when I close my eyes and listen to this classic tune. Romantic, and dreamy. The performance is simply sublime and matches any work that Jane has done. I first met her music ten years back because of my love of the music of the bass player on her first CD, Ron Carter. It was a pleasure then to hear a voice that matched his mastery. She’s had many fine releases since, including last year’s collection of hits.

A great shoutout for A Primeria Vez, featuring a solo guitar performance that brings a deep focus to the understated beauty of Jane’s voice. Jane Monheit

Jane Monheit on Eartaste