Friday, January 23, 2009

The King Khan & BBQ Show - Animal Party

“Open the door, come on in, let the animal party begin!” A few years back these guys taught my young students how to Waddle Around. We played the record over and over while learning about penguins. Good time was had by all. I know they’d love this new song also, but it’ll have to be played on the TV or radio or their parents have to buy the record because I won’t be able to play this in class without being fired. Kinda too bad, because everyone makes an appearance at this louie-louie garage funfest – Mr. Piggy, 3 chickens going cluck cluck, elephants, 8 monkeys, a zebra, and some pizza. I know that when I get to heaven Belushi and Ackroyd will have on their sunglasses dancing like the wild party animals they are to this record. The King Khan & BBQ Show