Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chris Robley And The Fear Of Heights - User-Friendly Guide to Change

It’s not often you hear a violin doing the count-off for a rock song, but it’s a great treat. “Like a wounded bird that’s fallen from the sky you would never try to know the reason why that you never ever really learned to fly.” A horn section, some twinkling keyboards, and full-bore drumming gets me up and twirling. “Don’t kiss me and make up.” Twinkling and twirling, completely infatuated with the sounds pouring out of the speaker. How he manages to get his voice to harmonize with the horns may remain a secret, but it doesn’t matter because it comes off as a technique worth singing along with. Great fun, and loud! With a guitar solo worth waiting for, “like a flower towards the memory of the sun.” Shoutout for the kazoo-enhanced dance beat of Solipsist in Love (“it’s hard to keep things consistent inside my head”). Chris Robley And The Fear Of Heights