Friday, January 30, 2009

Dolphin City – Old Romance

“You’re waiting till you’re old enough to realize that mind is just a favor, a gift of love and memory that carries out the wishes and the will of the air.” Pretty heavy lines for a Friday night party, but if contemplated long enough they begin to make sense. Never mind, tho. The music carries the day and allows my senses to feel the understanding of the narrator’s angst. “That old romance, you dance.” The band brings the dance to the forefront – complete with ooh-la-la backround singers. Mid way through the song the band changes pace to match the NeilDiamondesque melody that decides to take wing and reach the high notes that pull me up into the air with him. “Don’t be surprised when all you know and love suddenly explodes.” Shoutout for the taste feast called Wine and Grapes (“We only see what we let ourselves see”). Thanks! Dolphin City