Thursday, January 01, 2009

White Trash Cowboys – 10,000 Dreams

“I wanted you to open me up and look inside.” The White Trash Cowboys approach self-parody in some respects, which is why I chose a serious song on the CD to talk about. The musicianship is superb throughout the CD. 10,000 Dreams opens with guitars floating 6-8 feet over my head. I love the effect. “The grass ain’t greener in a stretched-out Cadillac.” The narrator presents a vision of a world where one can be oneself without reaching for the things that corporate America says one needs through advertising and perceived peer pressure. The WTC believe we are all equal, an in truth no one person is better than another. Even those who have possessions. This message is consistent throughout the CD, sometimes with rotfl humor of retro-rap (Hey Numbnuts), other times with direct preaching (No Better). A high-energy start to 2009! White Trash Cowboys