Monday, October 15, 2007

Alabama 3 - Lockdown And Loaded

“I’m gonna put another dollar in the jukebox, baby. You ain’t coming home. Woop woop woop is the sound of the police, blue lights in a red light zone.” It’s not the music that wakes me up, it’s the voice. The music is fine, don’t get me wrong, but as the song opens, it’s simply setting a mood for the first minute or so. Then the whole band joins in and the party starts. There’s no way I can lie in bed following the story – I’m up and dancing like any decent crazy man. I’m not going to try to describe this, except there’s lots of horns with a definite rock & roll mentality. Lots of celebration going on here – and I really get excited when the chorus joins in towards the end, and the key changes keep moving upward toward to higher reaches of consciousness. These guys would be welcome at any gathering of one or more people. Preferably 350,000. Shoutouts for Monday Don’t Mean Anything To Me, Middle Of The Road, and Work It All Night Long ("she shoke it and now she's shaking that tail feather down and she ain't committed no sin."). Alabama 3

Edit: I enjoyed reading the essay these guys wrote up about themselves on myspace.