Monday, October 01, 2007

Fell Far Behind - Old Too Soon, Smart Too Late

Wonderful wake-me up on Monday loud guitar based music – love all the sounds bursting through my ears and bringing me out of my colorful dreams. “As we speak of broken dreams, do you recall five young New Jersey hopefuls?” The song is a kind of pessimistic hope for the best future tale of a young five piece band out to try to make it in the big bad world with some excellent lead guitar flavoring. “We were only in it to save ourselves, to feel alive!” Autobiographical you say? Maybe. The main thing is the sound is full of just enough anxiety to get me up dancing and ignoring the song title, LOL! My body is, as they tell me, older than dirt; but my mind is fresh and hopeful and glad to welcome in this Monday with all the volume my speakers can handle. Scrumptious tune. With a shoutout to Close For Comfort, “A broken record stuck on those words heard again inside my head.” Fell Far Behind