Saturday, October 20, 2007

Deborah Harry - Two Times Blue

The dance beat is familiar and infectious, and the voice starts with depth and grit that only comes from maturity. “When you tell me that I’m a double-timer, well to me this doesn’t add up. You can call me miss calculation, but I won’t give up, I love you through and through.” I admit it doesn’t read as good as it sounds, so it’s important to remember this is a musical composition. The younger voice returns with and confession of sorts, one you wouldn’t expect from a punk weary world traveler; “Well, maybe I could have been better.” Then the full 80’s sound of Atreyu riding Falkor fills the air and the never-ending-story continues with a retro sort of timelessness. “When the taste is too hard to swallow, well, that’s what the sugar’s all about.” Shoutout for Necessary Evil, with a hilarious story (“Well, I beat up Miss Fortune, told her to get out. I sold the last things on Ebay. I was without doubt.”); and some huge shoutouts for the Saturday night rockers Whiteout and You’re Too Hot. Deborah Harry